Rhythmic Touch Therapies

"Heal from the inside out!"

"A massage from Andrea is so much more than just a massage ~ it is a healing experience! I had suffered from TMJ for 20 years and after just two sessions with Andrea, I can honestly say I am completely symptom free! Her treatments changed my life! I know it sounds dramatic, but it is true. Andrea has a unique intuitive ability to unblock, balance and heal what needs to be healed. It's magic to me and I go back to her month after month as I feel progressively stronger, healthier and more vibrant than I have in years. Her treatments are my fountain of youth!"

Jeanne Simon,

Consultant, Producer




"If you have the smallest desire to open your heart, or to heal from the inside out, to improve your quality of life; one session with Andrea could bring you the peace you’ve been searching for. It did for me!

I’ve always felt trapped inside myself. Unable to express my true feelings, holding on to the past, angry at people and events I had no control over, trying to validate toxic relationships, and general fear of no control while desperately trying to control everything. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. I felt disconnected from most of the world, but with a strong longing not to be. I was furious with the notion that I had fundamental human right not to feel this way, but I just couldn’t help it. The loneliest part was from the outside no one had a clue I was fighting any of this. I would even be considered a relatively happy person. Goes to show you just never know what people are going through and we should be kind to one another- always.

I was referred to Andrea by my boyfriend. He bought me a session with her as a gift. He had a co-worker who had recently worked with Andrea and found great results. I had never done anything like this before, but was searching for something to inspire me. I now believe the universe sent Andrea to me. My session with her was truly an altering moment in my existence. A shift happened. A replacement of something took place. Peace arrived.

You might be wondering what a session with Andrea is like? Well, I can tell you it’s not painful, or uncomfortable, or weird… it’s freeing. It’s difficult to explain exactly how Andrea spoke to my body, but she used a metaphor that made it clear. She explained it’s like if I put my hand in an electrical socket, and she was touching me, she would feel it too. Then she explained, imagine my body is a computer full of files. Andrea is able to touch me and “download” my files and see where the “glitches” and “viruses” are, where you’re blocked. Once she can identify these troubles she can start a healing process, or put into motion your body healing itself. The most mystical part of all this is I didn’t have to DO anything specific. She gave a few explanations, a few suggestions on foods to eat and actions I could take, but nothing difficult. She explained my body would do all the work. She answered all my questions and even offered for me to call if I thought of more. I chose to believe Andrea has a gift, and a humble one at that. Thank goodness she has chosen to share it with others!!

 Since my session with Andrea I’ve felt grounded in my being. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. I see my friends, family, co-workers, and strangers in a different way, in a compassionate way. Some of my deeper personal issues have just faded or become suddenly manageable. I’ve noticed significant changes in my anxiety levels and welcomed shifts in a few of my most complicated personal relationships. My beloved and long lost creative side is slowly emerging again and it’s been a blessing. I’m excited about the continuation of my process and the sense of security that comes with knowing I can call on Andrea."

Heather B.


“I went in expecting your typical massage; I left with a life altering experience!”

 It was by accident that I was scheduled with Andrea; my usual masseuse had called in sick that day.  Looking back now I can say that it was one of the best things that could have happened to me…. or perhaps it was just fate.

 Changing masseuses can be awkward, but Andrea’s professionalism soon put my mind at ease.  One of the first things that became apparent was her knowledge of the human body.  There also seemed to be a science to the sequence and direction that she worked my muscles.  Additionally, I noticed her ability to instinctively home in on sore spots, almost as if they were labeled with a red marker.  I would later learn that this was the result of a formal education in massage therapy and alternative medicine.  Having gone through about 15 different masseuses in my lifetime, I’d never seen this ability before and it came as a pleasant surprise.….. but my story doesn’t end here.

As we were casually talking she mentioned something called “Rhythmic Touch Therapy”.  She explained that it was part of the energy work she performs on clients.  I had never heard of this but since things were going so well I decided to give it a try.  I don’t think words can describe it, but, in short, there’s a series of arm flipping and tapping going on while she’s asking your body questions…. and, somehow, she gets answers.  She will then use this information to help treat you.  I jokingly call her “psychic”, but really feel that she has a unique gift.  Over time I’ve been left speechless by the accuracy of this exercise and began to remodel my life and career around her information.  She has provided me with the direction and motivation to make changes and pursue dreams.  This is something I would have never expected from a routine massage.

Years have passed and I remain a client but also consider her a friend.  Her abilities as a masseuse are among the best but I’ve also used her insight and benefited from it tremendously.  In closing I’d like to say that her primary motive seems to be healing and helping, not time and money.  My advice to anyone reading this would be to try her and let the experience speak for itself! My first appointment was by accident…. let yours be intentional…"

Tom M


"Each day I get more amazed about the synchronicity of everything around us. I met Andrea in the Alternative Medicine School; we studied together for about 2 month only. We went different ways. More than a year later I found her business card on my computer desk, in a day that I was tired, in pain and about to give up on some life plans. So we met again. After the best session of massage/energy work I could ever have, my life has changed quite a bit! Things that used to bother me don't affect me anymore. My job and life in general started to flow smoothly RIGHT after the energy work. My locked jaw at night is gone, my back pain is gone. Sometimes people forget the connection of body, mind and spirit. I'm in track again. Thanks Andrea!"

Lucia S.

Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Consultant


"The first session I had with Andrea was in front of a classroom full of massage therapy students. She was teaching my class about Qigong and Rhythmic Touch Therapies, which most of us had never heard of before and I volunteered to be the guinea pig. I must say, it was quite an experience. From the moment she walked into the classroom, her energy filled the air. As I lay on the massage table in front of all those people she took my hand and my body began to shake, as her energy flowed through me. I didn't understand why at the time but she explained she was speaking to my body. I cannot put into words the feeling that came over me as she began to work on me. Once she was done and I stood up, I felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She is an absolute God send and now I consider her a friend, as well as a mentor. Each time she works on me her energy fills me and not only does she work out my physical issues but my emotional ones as well. She is able to read you and release the emotional blockages that you have built up in your body. Her work is nothing short of miraculous and I recommend her to everyone I know."

Rebecca Lopez


Breathe Again Massage & Bodywork


"Andrea Ulibarri is very respectful, professional and tuned into her clients. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from the beginning of each session. With Andrea, you can be assured that you will receive a unique and wonderful therapeutic experience."

Brian Schmidt, LMT, Martial Arts Instructor


"I had met Andrea from a mutual friend and knew she practiced Qigong. When I found out she did Rhythmic Touch Therapy sessions, I was really excited about experiencing one. When I went to see her, I spoke to her a little bit about some of the things that I had gone through, to kind of give her an idea of what I wanted to let go of. She, then proceeded to "read" the energies of my body. I was simply amazed by the things she was discovering about me. Many things she read confirmed what I had already told her, and even more amazing, she brought up things that I never mentioned. Throughout the session, she removed negative energies that she saw intertwined with hand action, breath and intention, then infused good energy with the same procedure to repair the "holes" made by removing the negative energies. As she looked deeper, she told me things that not even my mother knew, about my development inside my mother's womb. Now, how cool is that? After the session, I could feel every pore in my body exude heat! I was actually sweating from it all! That definitely showed me that using energy to heal has a powerful effect on the body. I think it can help a lot of people and I think people need a medical alternative like the one Andrea is offering. For anybody that is curious, this is definitely something worth trying. Bring balance and health into your life with Andrea's Rhythmic Touch Therapies."

Giselle N.


"Andrea's sessions are unique and amazing! I was astounded by her intuitively guided body work and style of healing that sets her well beyond much of the conventional competition. To say her sessions are magical would be an understatement! She helped me to find greater joy, peace, and love in my life, and always knew exactly what would help. By working with Andrea you not only find an amazing healer and channel, but also a friend who you can confide in and count on to do her very best to provide compassionate, understanding, and insightful guidance and healing. Thank you so much Andrea!"

~Jonathan McNeill

LMT/Reiki Practitioner


"Andrea is a wonderful massage therapist. I cannot say enough positive things about her. She has such a calming energy and also has a great sense of the body and what it needs. I have been to many massage therapists over the years and hands down...Andrea is the absolute best."




"I met Andrea about 8-9 years ago. I lost contact with her for about 5 years and moved to Key West. One day out of the blue I called her up and asked what she was doing. She said something but all I got out of it was "energy work". I have to admit I was skeptical. Fast forward a few months and I received a treatment from her. It was the most intense pain I have ever felt. Seriously. I recently found a notebook that I forgot about, and I really don't recognize myself from a few years ago. I have to say that what she has done for me is nothing short of amazing! I feel great! I used to have a lot of issues about myself that I don't want to say. Yet i bring it up because they are no longer there. It took some time, but it was and is the best life-investment that I have ever made. I feel awesome! I am a very fortunate person to have met Andrea.. I owe it to her for the way I feel today. Thank you Andrea."



"I went to Andrea for Energy work and Massage therapy.  This was my first time and I was a bit nervous as to what to expect.  Andrea was very professional and informative. She did a good job of explaining what she was doing and why.  You can expect Andrea to make sure you are relaxed and comfortable.  Andrea is a very nurturing and caring spirit and you can expect her to assist in many types of healing.  She is gifted and knowledgeable in many aspects of holistic healing.  She was willing to teach and help me along my journey to better health.  She answered all my questions completely.  Overall it was a relaxing and informative session.  I would recommend Andrea and Rhythmic Touch Therapies to anyone looking for Energy Work and Massage Therapy."

Michael Wenzel