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Rhythmic Touch Therapies

Hot and Cold Healing Herb Packs

The packs are made with silk or cotton and packed with a blend of 100% organic herbs to suit a multitude of healing needs. They were designed for versatility and can be wrapped around any area of the body. They can be heated to increase muscle relaxation and blood circulation or used cold to reduce swelling and inflammation, all the while releasing therapeutic aromatics. They are an incredible addition to your medicine cabinet and self-care regimen.​

These therapeutic herb packs contain a variety of organic herbs that have these healing properties: muscle relaxant, pain reliever, stimulant , expectorant, anti-inflammatory, sleep aid, and antispasmodic. They can be heated to increase muscle relaxation and blood circulation while releasing relaxing and stimulating aromatics. They can also be used cold to reduce swelling and inflammation.

 Multipurpose Herbal Blend:

Muscle Relaxant: Lavender & Chamomile
Pain-reliever: Rosemary & Peppermint
Stimulant: Rose & Orange Peel
Expectorant: Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Anti-inflammatory: Cinnamon
Sleep Aid: Mugwort 

*Dimensions: 22 x 8 inches

Silk fabric: $45each
Cotton Fabric: $40each

(Plus, shipping and handling costs)

The herb packs are made with a variety of special blends suited for anyone's healing needs. If you have unique healing needs or allergic concerns, please contact Dre to discuss your needs and a customized pack will be made especially for you! Please note that packs are made according to availability of herbs and silks, meaning a pack you buy today may no longer be available tomorrow.

*** Wholesale opportunity! Anyone interested having these herbal packs available for resale or would like to buy in bulk can receive a discount/pack with a purchase of 5 or more packs. For further details about this opportunity, please contact Dre directly.

Fabrics Currently Available:

Kids Healing Herbal Packs

Kids packs are formulated with gentle, healing herbs that are safe for kids and sized to fit any age. Just like the adult packs they can be used as hot and cold therapy but created with fabric that is more durable and easy to spot clean. As well as come in a variety of fun prints that kids love and recognize! (Also, excellent during pregnancy)

Kid's Blend

Muscle Relaxant: Chamomile

Pain-reliever: Rosemary

Stimulant: Orange Peel

Anti-inflammatory: Cinnamon

Dimensions: 22x8, 22x4,

Fabrics Currently Available:


​Therapeutic Eye Pillows

​These eye pillows are fantastic for both professional and home use. They help reduce swelling, headaches, hangovers and promote a restful sleep, mediation, or healing session. Each pack is made with silk fabric and has lavender to calm and relax. Packs can be used at room temperature or cold. 

​Dimensions: 8x4 inches

​Available in silk or cotton

Fabrics Currently Available:


Essential Oils

For more information or to order essential oils, please visit my website: